12 days, 11 nights, The Baikal Ice Tour


You can travel along the entire Baikal from the very southern point (Kultuk settlement) to the northern one (Severobaikalsk).

Tour is optimized for experienced riders. Time en route – 10 days. You will have several nights spent on the ice in camping houses special prepared for winter time.

During the trip you will definitely see permanent cracks, snow banks and ice hummocks. This tour is a real adventure for experienced travelers who has hundred thousand kilometers under his belt.


Day 1

Meeting Irkutsk, accommodation in hotel. After lunch – test drive on the ice of Irkutsk water reservoir where we will pick a motorcycle and equipment and you will learn some features of ice riding.

Day 2

Transfer to Kultuk settlement (110 km). It’s the most southern point of Lake Baikal, can be translated from the Buryat language as “corner”. And we will start our journey from this very corner. Today we will drive along famous The Circum-Baikal Railroad. This is a unique monument of architecture and engineering art. We will visit the most beautiful tonnels and galleries.

We will spend a night in one of the hotels in Listvyanka settlement

Day 3

Transition from Listvyanka to Rogovki cape. This route is unique and possible only during winter period because traditional roads are located in the deep part of mainland. Dinner on the ice. Night in jeager guest house. Banya.


Day 4

Today we will go on the smooth as mirror ice. This part of the lake is highly polished by Baikal winds. There are lots of permanent cracks and ice hummocks. We will see lots of beautiful cliffs and caverns. Night at the “Krestovaya” tourist camp. Russian banya.

Day 5

Krestovaya – Khoboi cape. Today our route is laid along the Maloe More (Small Sea) strait near the Olkhon Island. Breathtaking sceneries, high frozen water splashes on the cliffs, marvelous caverns. We will see the dusk and dawn right on the ice surface sleeping in camping house. Dinner on the ice.

Day 6

Khoboi cape – Ushkani islands. The route lies on the very center of Lake Baikal far away from shores. We will pass by the deepest part of the lake. Night in camping houses on the Ushkani islands which are famous as a place of the biggest rookery of nerpa (Baikal seal).


Day 7

Ushkani islands – Chivyrkuiskii creek. Today we will do winter fishing and swimming in hot springs. Night in yurts on the Baikal ice.

Day 8

Transition to Severobaikalsk. Hot springs (Khakusy or Kotelnikovski cape). Night in a hotel of Severobaikalsk.

Day 9 and 10

Transfer to Irkutsk by train (or possible transfer by plane)

The route can be adjusted according to weather conditions and qualification level of participants.