3 days, 2 nights, Along Olkhon Island


Fantastic atmosphere of ice caverns, crystal clear the Baikal ice and cliffs: our tour route will lie along the Maloe More (Small Sea) strait and the Olkhon Island.

You can travel with your family. For the smallest participants and ladies there will be organized a motor-school right on the ice ground. This tour is rich with easy but exciting excursion routes. You will see the Ogoi Island, the Hoboi Bay and the cliff called “Three brothers”. You will get a sight of bizarre ice pileups and hummocks.

You will have a great chance to try yourself in subglacial fishing, fry the Baikal omul (fish) on open fire and have a night in warm camping house afterwards.


Just imagine: early in the morning in ringing silence you can walk on infinitely transparent ice of the great lake and observe a sunrise of fairytale beauty. And photos that you’ll take as trophies will cause an admiration of your friends and relatives.