Have you ever had a chance to walk along the bridge made of glass right above the crevice? Or step on the crystal floor at the top of a tower? We can offer such attraction where you can ride over the abyss.

During this tour you will have a chance to travel on the face of the deepest lake in the world where plenty of winds polish mirror-like surface.

Famous Russian songwriter V. Butusov once said in one of his songs: “Look how the diamond roads are shining”. We know where these roads are and where the brilliance of them can dazzle your eyes. Only for two months of the year we can offer you an adventure at the brink of reality. Even if you’re an experienced traveler and you have more than hundred thousand kilometers passed and the wheels of your bike know serpentine mountain roads, sandy deserts and narrow paths in jungle – you can put this sun shining ice diamond into your journey-box.

Your friends can share the stories and be proud of being acquainted with the guy who doesn’t afraid of Siberian cold, nights spent on the ice and the abyss beneath the wheels.